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Kidmin today . . .

February 24, 2011 — Leave a comment

Kidmin today is less about what curriculum you use or what program you do, but how you view the family and the overall priority the church places on reaching kids and parents. I’m not talking about the “we’re a family church” crowd. Every church is a family church and virtually every church is “committed” to reaching families categorically. The church at any moment is one generation from the grave. So we all know we need to reach the next generation or the church doesn’t move into the future.

But how many church leaders, outside of the Children’s Pastor, have an emotional burden for a real kid, or a real family? We’re talking, “I know a kid and I am torn up inside when I see him making decisions and spending his life without Jesus.” Or, “I am connecting with a family on a regular basis outside the walls or the church. And I lie awake thinking about the struggles they have and how their lives would be different if Jesus was in the center of that home.” It’s the difference between: “We are committed to reaching the next generation.” And “I am committed to reaching Aaron who is eight years old, and Joe who is the father of three.”

You know you are a family church that is committed to reaching the next generation when you can go up to any leader in your church and they can give you the names of people they are trying to reach—without hesitation. When you have leaders like that, you will have people in the church like that.

Who has God placed in your life that you connect with on a regular basis outside the walls of the church? Maybe God has placed them in your life because He wants to use you to reach them. Could be the checker at the grocery store, your kid’s soccer coach, the person across the counter you pass your dry cleaning to.