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September 15, 2008 — 3 Comments

Skittles is one or our family’s favorite games. Ever noticed that some of simplest games are the best–like who came up with mancala? In Merdel’s Skittles a top is spun to knock over pins in a wooden game board. Each pin is worth different points. The hardest pin to knock over is worth 100. I don’t know if this game is still available, we inherited it from a great friend and teacher, Cheryl Draughon, who said it originally belonged to her mother.

Every one of my family members has their own unique way of wrapping the string around the top for optimal performance. Optimum is a steady spinning top that moves to the back of the game board where the higher points are. It’s hard to find a game that everyone in the family enjoys and can play–especially when the age spread is 3 to 30 something.

What are some of your favorite family games?